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2018-02-08 - Bạch Đằng St, Hội An Ancient Town - Vietnam.

I'm sure if you ask anybody out there with even a passing interest in taking photographs while travelling what makes it harder, most will say other people (heh).

Despite getting up bright and early (early bird gets the worm as the saying goes), to get the locals at their best (you'll often only find them going about their daily business from 6-8am - most likely to avoid the tourists), it took me a good long while to get this shot.

I'd still have loved a couple more dynamic elements to it (a few more locals going about their morning business), not to mention better light. Though with my brief stay in the town, I can still consider myself rather lucky to have managed getting something like this without any tourists!

Hoi an is definitely a place that can be revisited time and time again to get that shot - I can see that that perseverence and patience is what has made somebody like Rehahn's photos that much more special. I got a little unlucky with the flat light throughout my whole stay in Hoi An, but sometimes you just have to work with what you've got!

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