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2016-10-01 - Angkor Wat - Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Having just arrived to Siam Reap, Cambodia, naturally our first step was to scout out Angkor Wat - what an awesome place. Absolutely huge.

Man oh man were we unlucky with the weather while in Siem Reap though. Got up at 3am to try to get a great sunrise shot of Angkor Wat, 3 days in a row and was met with pretty 'meh' conditions each time. Daylight hours were filled with greyness and the colours just didn't do it justice so I stuck with this silhouette of the main temple complex.

The place is filled with such stunning architecture though and I cannot believe just how much history there is to the place. You could spend weeks going through the hundreds of temples, working your way through the intricately carved walls filled with stories upon stories. What a magical place. It's just a shame I couldn't do it more justice photographically!