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2016-08-25 - Loss - Morské oko (Eye of the Sea), Michalovce, Slovakia.

While sitting at work this week, I got a call from dad asking me to book a flight as soon as possible to Slovakia as Babka (my grandma) wasn't doing well at all.
Despite getting to Michalovce (her home town) in eastern Slovakia in less than 24 hours (12 hour flight, 7 hour train journey) we missed her by mere minutes.
I cannot believe that my favourite person in the world, a person so good and so full of life is gone so suddenly and so young.

It's so important to cherish every moment you have with the people you love and care for. My deepest regret is missing her so closely. She knew we were on the way but she just couldn't go on anymore.
I hope that wherever she is now, she can rest peacefully, knowing she had an incredible influence on so many people's lives. In so many positive and happy ways.

Pictured here is my dad comforting my grandpa while on a walk around Morske Oko (a nearby crater lake we love) to clear our heads after the ordeal.